The company Lipnik d.o.o. successfully applied for the Public Tender for the Establishment or Upgrade of Electronic Commerce in SMEs in the Period 2019-2022 “EPOSLOVANJE 2019-2022” (SPIRIT) and for the DigiLip operation worth EUR 42,500.00, obtained EUR 29,750.00 in grants.

Under the auspices of Operation DigiLip, the following measures were implemented between February 2021 and August 2021:

  • Digitization of appearances at fairs
  • Website for foreign markets
  • Online shop
  • Product-sales video
  • Strengthening competencies – training

The purpose of the tender is to support SMEs by co-financing the eligible costs of setting up or upgrading e-commerce, which can easily enter global value chains and new markets, increase the international competitiveness of their business, improve and accelerate interaction with business partners abroad. they send and collect information more efficiently and improve relationships throughout the supply chain.